Photograph Showcase: June Powless & Family

Back: June Powless
Middle l-r: John Clemmons, Melba Clemmons, Dave Powless, Joyce Powless, Sharon Powless, Darrell Powless
Front l-r: Wade Clemmons, John Clemmons II, Cindy Powless, Troy Powless, Vonday Powless, Kevin Powless

There were not too many pictures taken of the whole family on my Grandma (June) Powless’ side.

This picture was taken in the summer of 1967 in East Gary Park near State Road 51. What is a bit funny is that East Gary used to be called Lake Station but in 1908, they changed the name to East Gary in  the hopes of luring executives from the near by steel plants into creating a suburban community. Then, in 1977, they changed the name back because they didn’t want to be associated with the decay that was happening in Gary.

The car (partially seen) in the back of the photo was owned by Darrell Powless, it was  1966 Dodge.

Grandma would have came up from Cisne to visit everyone. Uncle Darrell and Aunt Sharon were living in Rockford, Illinois. My mom and dad (along with Uncle Dave and Aunt Joyce) were living in East Gary.

Each of the women in the picture (except my Grandma) have passed away. My mom in 1984, Joyce in 2009 and Sharon in 2019.

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