Time Line for Earl Clemmons

I started to put together a time line for my great-grandfather Earl Clemmons. He moved around alot early in his life until he settled down in Wayne County, Illinois.


Earl first appears on the U.S. Census in 1900 living in Lebanon, Wilson County, Tennessee; District 141. Enumerated on June 18th, 1900. Page 117 A, Line 32

He next appears on the U.S. Census in 1910 living in Lebanon, Wilson County, Tennessee; District 165 (Ward 3). Enumerated on May 3rd, 1910. Sheet 33 B, Line 58.

According to Harry Clemmons, Earl and his parents moved to Mt. Vernon, Jefferson County, Illinois. This would have had to happen between 1910 and 1916. During this time, it is presumed that Earl meet Mary Alice Clifton.

After a short time in Mt. Vernon, Earl and his parents moved to Arkansas where they buy a piece of property.

On June 5th, 1917, Earl Clemmons sign’s his World War I draft card. He was living in Lawrence County, Arkansas

On September 23rd, 1917, Earl is back up in Jefferson County, Illinois where he marries Mary Alice Clifton. It appears that they return to Arkansas.

Some where between 1917 and June 1918, the Clemmons familes moved to New Madrid County from Arkansas because Harry was born in Morehouse, New Madrid County, Missouri.

On May 25th, 1918, Earl was Inducted into the US Army at Walnut Ridge, Arkansas

On December 7th, 1918, he was discharged from the Army at Camp Jackson, South Carolina. Reason for discharge was for Dependant Relatives. His first son, Harry was born in June 1918 just after he was inducted.

He appears on the U.S. Census in 1920 living in West Township, New Madrid County, Missouri; District 130. Enumerated on January 9th, 1920. Sheet 10 B, Line 75. This is near Morehouse City. It states that he is working at a Lumber Mill.

After 1924, the family moved to Cape Girardeau, Missouri. Earl got a job helping to build a bridge over this Mississippi River. The bridge was dedicated in 1927 and then the family moved to Jefferson County. Earl moved up there looking for work and support from Mary’s family.

He appears on the U.S. Census in 1930 living in Dodds Townshop, Jefferson County, Illinois; District 7. The census was enumerated on May 20th, 1930. Sheet 9 B, Line 85. Earls listed occupation was farming.

About 1932, they moved from Jefferson County to Barnhill, Illinois.

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