Clemmons DNA Project

I have updated the Clemmons/Clements Family DNA Project. We have over 53 different people that have submitted their dna and have recieved their results. We have a number of people that are in the process of submitting thier information.

Patricia Griffith has been the driving force behind this DNA Project. She has devoted alot of her time, energy and money in getting this project moving and I am very thankful that she has done this work.

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1 Response to Clemmons DNA Project

  1. Marcellus says:

    Mike how you doing my name is Marcellus Clemmons and like so many other African Americans Im interesed in finding the orgin of my families history.Im curious about the DNA project you hae and I am more then interested in participating in anyway in your research.If its not to much to ask can you please help me and my situation. Sincerly Marcellus Clemmons


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