John Ray Clemmons in the news

John Ray Clemmons was in the Dixson Herald Newspaper on August 13th, 2007. The article is about Bob Clement who is running for Mayor in Nashville and about who he seeks council from. John Clemmons is one of his trusted advisors. John Ray Clemmons is the son of John & Margaret Clemmons of Lebanon, TN. And he is the grandson of John Wilson Clemmons & Marilyn Christine Marler.

John Ray Clemmons

Clemmons is probably the youngest non-family member of Clement’s inner circle. A former legislative assistant to Clement in the U.S. Congress and former political director of the Tennessee Democratic Party, the Lebanon native was 29 and just out of law school when Clement tapped him as campaign manager in April.

Clemmons was promoted to co-chairman of Clement’s campaign the weekend after the general election. He said he is focused on the runoff but will probably stay close to Clement in some capacity, official or informal, if his boss is elected.

“Once you’re part of the Clement family, you’re always part of the Clement family,” Clemmons said. “Once you’ve worked for him, you’re always involved, whether formally or informally.”

Clemmons is a graduate of Columbia University in New York City and the University of Memphis law school.

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