New Obits added to the index

I added 218 more obits to the index. I plan on adding 100-200 per week. I am also looking into ways of putting my pictures database online. I am scanning in the pictures that Thelma Landrum had (even though they will be scanned from photocopies). This will allow everyone to search for pictures by a persons name. Have to work out the logistics but will keep everyone informed.

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1 Response to New Obits added to the index

  1. MikeMy name is Walter Dick Clemmons III. My great grand father’s name was Thomas D. Clemmons, from some where in Tenn. My grand father’s name was Walter D. Clemmons and is burried in White Church, Mo. @ St Joesph Catholic Missionary Church, so is my Grand mother, Mary E.My two Uncles Vic and Arthur Clemmons and my Mother Marie A. Clemmons are also burried there.I also believe my father Walter D. Clemmons, Jr. is burried there, but does not have a marker, however, back in the 70’s I do remember seeing one for him, it’s just no longer there.Mike, between you and me my parents had a considerable amount of money and assets which have been stolen from me by cousins that are to even related to me by blood.My mother and father were either first cousins or half brother and sister, I just can’t seem to get to the truth. Every one in West Plains, Mo. wants to lie to me, I guess since I am a bastard child for there was no union between my folks people think they can treat me just any was they want.I had 32,000.00 in the bank of Missiouri Southern which I placed there in 1982, it was taken out in 1998 by Attorney John Wiles, Judge Dunlap, and his daughter, Lura Dunlap. That money I did receive from an insurance company. Auto accident, another driver under the influence ran into me head on.There was a lot more in the bank which Tom Wiles, his brother, John Wiles and a few other Judges, Henery, Shortridge, Dunlap, did take from me.I asked Tom Wiles where the money and property went and all he said was “your family took it.” Now I ask you Mike, what kind of answer is that. I mean my family are all gone, so do you think they mean my extended family? Them?There is more Mike, a whole lot more and maybe you can help me, no one else will. I don’t know any other Clemmons for I have never met any.Did you read about Brad A Clemmons, from Ohio?I was in the military and received brain damage, 5 fractures to my skull, 2 to my septum and 2 to my lower mandible and would you know it the military told me that they had lost my records, but that is not true for I was shown my injuries on a print out as the VA hospital in Birmingham, Al. They were mark Classified in bold letters across the top. Like I said Mike, there is a whold lot more to my story.Sincerely,Walter Dick


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